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Topic suggestions

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  • Zukunft des eCommerce in Deutschland Entwicklungschance für Live-, VIP- und weitere Shoppingkonzepte (Ulrich Bartholmös)
  • Recht Web 2.0 [ + 3 ]
  • Crowdsourcing [+ 3]
  • Mobiles Chatten - diverse Chatlösungen, von meebo bis Handy (Kathrin Grannemann, evtl. Andreas Dittes) [+ 1]
  • Procrastination and Yak Shaving - The art of avoiding work. - How to procrastinate and how to make the best out of it (Kathrin Grannemann) [+ 2]
  • (Mobile) Learning 2.0 (Anja, Fabian)
  • Social Learning Networks (Volker)
  • Social Network Portability (Lukas and members of the OpenID Foundation) [ + 6 ]
  • "IPTV" in den Startlöchern - Wer hat den Content? - Wer die Technik? - Wer hat die Ideen?
    • IPTVWhos got the content? Technical aspects, legal issues. Ideas wanted.(Nikolai, Fabian) [+2]
  • Serendipity - an alternative weblog system, introductory and question session (Matthias)
    • we could also add a fun "blog software shootout", Serendipity vs. Wordpress (others welcome, too), with uninhibited bashing of each other ;-) (sorry, Stefan)
    • we should talk about the proposed !wordcamp2008
  • "special session": visit of a traditional print office (still using lead letters) on friday. check Schedule for details (Jan Theofel)
  • Scalability and performance round II (round I was @BarCamp HH) (Fabio) [ +1 ]
  • Seagull - a PHP framework for those who do not believe in ror - workshop (Fabio) [+1]
  • Marken für Startups/ Trademarks for Startups (Does my startup need a trademark? Is it expensive? DOs and DONT's. Trademarks and domains. I would give an introduction into this important topic. However in German. (Thomas) ) [ +1 ]
  • Facebook - introduction, numbers, 3rd party apps, $$$, social graph, privacy, walled garden, an open discussion with cbgreenwood and
  • An open web operating system - an alternative to Facebook? What would it need?
  • 100 PodCamp Topics
  • Creative Commons Birthday Party in Berlin on Dec 15, 2007 (Michelle Thorne)
  • What can we learn from game design? 10 game mechanics that will make your web community more successful. (Holger Dieterich) (Done. Slides here: http://shorl.com/kesynusyvote [ +4 ]
  • SEO for your Podcast (Fabio)
  • Podcasting for Dummies - Wieviel ein blutiger Anfänger wirklich wissen sollte (Techniken, Philosophien, Usability und Erfolgskonzepte)
  • Session/Diskussionsrunde/Brainstorming geplant für Sonntag Mittag/Nachmittag: CeBIT/Hannover - Kickoff-Session (Björn / Jörn)
  • Smart Excel: It can do so much more than just crunch numbers - [+x de | +x en]
    tell me what you always wanted to know about excel (This is going to be a session in German due to the restrictions of the Excel versions, but I could do a bit less detailed english one if there is interest.) Nicole
  • SocialCamp - Ein BarCamp für NGO / ("Barcamp for NGO")
    (Stefan Evertz) [ + 1 ]
  • Web to China - Experiences we've made localizing Jimdo to the Chinese market (Matthias)
  • Metadata in Weblogs - How COinS can help to make citing of blogpostings more easy. (Patrick)
  • UserHelpDesk Session - MAC - New on Mac? Want to know basic features, have little problems? Ask the Apple Crowd. (Florian)
  • Web 2.0 for Non-Profits / Politik 2.0 - How can non-profits and political organizations / campaigns use the net and which experiences have been done? (Markus Beckedahl - netzpolitik.org)
  • Freifunk - What is Freifunk? How does it work? Where does it go? How can I join? Where do I find ressources? (Mario Behling - perspektive89/freelayers.org) [ + 1 ]
  • Wikio - Lorenzo presents the Memetracker he developped for Wikio and explains what Wikio Blogs is all about
  • RDCL.us Essential knowledge wiki for trndy web2.0 startups http://www.rdcl.us/postalpha/

Maybe next time...

  • Mapping the European landscape for web-based civic participation (Tim)
  • Overcoming the language barrier -- Fun and practical ways to deal with the issue of multi-language (at unconferences or elsewhere) ((Tim), application/collaboration/follow-up:
    • Barcamp SenzaConfini, 02/2008 (AT, IT, SI)
    • BabelCamp, date tbd (topic multi-language)
    • BarcampBodensee, date tbd (DE, AT, CH + English)
    • RhineCamp, date tbd (CH, FR, DE, NL and more, + English)
    • SXSW, 03/2008, Austin, TX (USA) (watch for potential session on this topic by Stephanie Booth)

  • Introducing MicroBarcamp http://microBarcamp.org It's just an idea, and maybe it can spread barcamps to other areas where people meet each other (SvenHe)

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