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Attendees international

Attendees international

Attendees (international)

The space for the Barcamp is limited, which is why there currently are two pages:
One for Barcamp Attendees from Germany and one for international visitors.

Please put yourself on the according page. Use the follow-up list if the first one is full. And please remove yourself from the list if you happen to be tied up business unexpectedly so that another person can pick your place.

The system now works in English - please make sure to register to ensure you do get all information as well as connect with each other!

International Attendees (current limit 100)

  1. Hannes Treichl (Austria) ANDERSdenken / VOdA
  2. Fabian Topfstedt (Austria), Sa + Su, Xing, republicofideas.com / maptales.com
  3. Avin Fathulla (Austria) Fathulla.com
  4. Florian Ledermann (Austria) maptales.com
  5. Philipp Wassibauer (Austria) maptales.com
  6. Mike Borras (Austria) tupalo.com
  7. Clemens Beer (Austria) tupalo.com
  8. Christopher Clay (Austria) soup.io
  9. Esad Hajdarevic (Austria) soup.io
  10. Ute Moritz (Austria or Germany) Susuh, Wir 3 Founder, XING, iUte, Ute bloggt,
  11. Cristiano Betta (United Kingdom, The Netherlands), FourStarters
  12. Melinda Seckington (United Kingdom, The Netherlands), MissGeeky
  13. Alper Çugun (The Netherlands), FourStarters
  14. Reinier Zwitserloot (The Netherlands), Tipit.to
  15. Eelke Dekker (The Netherlands), EelkeDekker.nl
  16. Verena Wechselberger (Austria) VOdA
  17. Karin Schmollgruber (Austria) FastenYourSeatbelts.at, XING, about me Su-Tu
  18. Katie Lips (NL, UK) Social Media Strategist & founder Treasuremytext
  19. Paul Stringer (NL) Treasuremytext2
  20. Tian Cocker (UK) Bizarre Creations
  21. Christian Zeilder (AT) Xing
  22. Ronnie Grob (CH) Xing
  23. Peter Hogenkamp (Switzerland), XING, Blog, Sa + So
  24. Manfred Wuits (Austria) Xing werkzeugH events.at film.at Sa,So
  25. Max Scheugl (Austria) Xing
  26. Dominik Grolimund (Switzerland) Xing, co-founder of Wuala http://wua.la
  27. Adrian Locher (Switzerland) XING, co-founder smaboo , Managing Partner zimtkorn AG
  28. Steven T. Blythe (USA, Germany)
  29. Brian Suda (USA,Iceland)
  30. Martin Paljak (Estonia) http://ideelabor.ee/
  31. Mart Randala (Estonia) http://ideelabor.ee/
  32. Michael Gomez (USA) Interaction Designer Xing LinkedIn
  33. Daniel Hoepfner (USA, Germany) LinkedIn & Xing / CEO ViiF
  34. Charlie Nelson
  35. Jesse Skinner (Canada, Germany) LinkedIn, blog
  36. Wolfgang Sturm (Austria) Xing, querpunkt
  37. Thomas Mraz (Austria) tom.at, Xing
  38. Stephan Walcher (Italy) Prometeo, Live Writer Blog
  39. Gregoire Japiot (France) BarCampNetworking, AF83 , founder mapovino
  40. Louis Montagne (France) Silicon Sentier , founder AF83 , founder Bearstech
  41. Ori Pekelman (France) AF83
  42. Maxim Benadon (France) AF83
  43. Ian Forrester (UK), Barcamp London and BBC Backstage
  44. Elisabeth Nesheim (Norway/Denmark)
  45. Brady Forrest (US) O'Reilly Radar (Sunday)
  46. Jodi Church-Wagner (USA, Germany) http://www.mister-wong.com
  47. Fabian Posada (USA, Germany) http://www.mister-wong.com
  48. Michelle Thorne (USA, Germany) Creative Commons International
  49. Bicyclemark (Netherlands, Portugal) Citizen Reporter
  50. Betsy Weber (USA) TechSmith
  51. Thomas Niepraschk (Austria) Knallgrau XING
  52. Gabriele Gilli (Italy) TIS innovation park
  53. Gregor Hochmuth (San Francisco / Berlin) zoo-m.com
  54. François Dongier (Belgium) Facebook, LinkedIn
  55. Patricia Hanrahan (UK) Blog
  56. Peer Dittmar (CH) CoComment, Logcut
  57. Julen Alfaro (ES) LinkedIn
  58. Robin * Slomkowski (USA, Germany) Flock
  59. Manfred Trienbacher (Italy) Xing
  60. Navjot Pawera (India) www.navjotpawera.com www.opera.com
  61. Frode Hauge (Norway) www.opera.com
  62. Ali Naqi Shaheen (Pakistan, Germany)Uraan Software Solutions www.programmierung.de
  63. Mike Lewis (USA, Germany) lolrus.org
  64. Bas Bergervoet (The Netherlands, Germany) Xing
  65. Thomas Stenumgård (Oslo Norway) http://www.nylvi.com
  66. Henning Kjølgård (Oslo Norway) http://www.nylvi.com
  67. Mathias Holzmann (Maastricht, The Netherlands) https://www.playandbuild.com
  68. Heidi Henson (USA) [www.rockyouads.com]

  1. Erik Stripparo (Italy, Germany) cibialterati
  2. Mr. X (Italy, Germany) cibialterati
  3. Wolfgang Zeglovits (Austria) http://weblog.datenwerk.at/
  4. Emil Sjöblom (Sweden) http://soundcloud.com
  5. Pavel Sheynzon (Russia, Germany) RUSSIA20.COM, StudiVZ
  6. Janos Theil (Canada)
  7. Jörg Weisner (France, Germany) Job&Joy / team success / Xing, Sa, So?
  8. David Recordon (San Francisco USA) http://www.davidrecordon.com/

Not sure yet

  1. Michael Schuster (Austria) System One, blog
  2. Jordan Schwartz (USA)
  3. ...

would love to come but can't

  1. sebastian göres (usa) http://llnyc.blogspot.com
  2. Tim Bonnemann (United States, Germany), founder and chief visionary Intellitics, or visit my personal blog and contact information.
  3. Dirk Ginader (UK) Xing
  4. Eric Eggert (Austria) Xing
  5. Namitha Ranjith (India) http://www.kapston.com


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