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Sponsor transparency

link this post written on 07/10/2007
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In the spirit of full openness, I'd like to suggest that we list in detail all incoming donations as well as all outgoing expenses. The sponsor list should include the Euro amount given and/or a brief description of the respective in-kind donation. Same goes for all costs.
link this post written on 07/10/2007
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Very good idea!
link this post written on 11/10/2007
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Food for thought: https://barcamp.pbwiki.com/Sponsoring (work in progress)
link this post written on 11/10/2007
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indeed an interesting idea. but im afraid we can not be that open for now. thats not because we want to be intransparent, but the sponsors dont like it. but since were handing the bills (for most of the stuff) directly to the sponsors, its transparent for the sponsors.

so we can think about that idea for future barcamps of course. still im afraid it wil be harder to get sponsors then...
link this post written on 11/10/2007
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As per Nicole's request, I have moved the discussion to the mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/barcamp/browse_thread/thread/ad7542055d1cf17e#

To quote myself:

"As a long-time barcamp attendee, organizer, and enthusiast, it should go without saying that this is in no way intended to impose anything on anybody. While I personally believe there is great value in the items I have outlined under "best practices", I am well aware that there will always be need for practical modifications of these guidelines in order to fit different cultures and different contexts.
Nevertheless, I think this is an important discussion to have, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts."

Please join the conversation or simply add your thoughts on the wiki: http://barcamp.pbwiki.com/Sponsoring
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